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My Daughter insisted on being “Princess Darth Vader” this year.

Now this is how you parent a child! So cute!!

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matching bra, panties and mask

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Booty & Tattoo’s!(:


At first glance of the thumbnail pic, I thought that was a blade in her stockings. I thought, “Dayum, that’s hot”. But….you know…this is hot too. ;)

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OOC - Apologies

I’m sorry to say, I am quitting RP. I’ll be real honest, I can’t please everyone. I’m drained. I’m not perfect and never claimed to be. In trying to avoid things, I still somehow fucked up. I really can’t deal with conflict. At all. I started this to have fun and I don’t nearly have as much fun these days as I used to. I know it’s sudden and I know I’m leaving many of you in a very bad spot, but please know that I’m truly sorry. Very, very, very sorry.

Contact me in a couple of weeks and I’ll see where I am then. Otherwise, for now, I’m leaving all my char accounts open but inactive. If you need me before then, you know how to contact me.

Again, apologies a million times over.

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